You’ve got to love spam… some of it

Now that i’ve been relying on my home email, I’ve been forced to take a closer look at my spam. You never know if someone from that cryptic secret craigslist email is writing you back. Of course in looking at my spam more closely, I’ve realized that there appears to be something wrong with my penis. It is either not “hard” enough or big enough to satisfy my woman. The best part of these emails are the subjects. Some are quite funny. Here are some that struck me in one way or another and my comments:
  • “Wanna get a larger boner?” hey who doesn’t, I just don’t want to have to pay for it
  • “Your male friend will never turn you down” not sure about that…
  • “Make sure she gets maximum pleasure” of course… always
  • “Your male tool will be as strong and rigid as a brick” does she really want it that “hard”. A brick can be abrasive.
  • “Your length and girth will grow fast” lets hope so…
  • “Grow a big one today” big what?
  • “Gain the full control over your drilling machine” I already have control over my drill press in my shop… what are you talking about?
  • “If there will be only girls around, will you be ready?” most guys are never ready
  • “Please their partner, increasing your size!” who’s partner? your financial partner?
  • “Hey, are you the guy who cannot make love?” um… you talking to me… no i’m good…
  • “You will feel your manhood in the air.” that might be to high for me
  • “No more penis enlarge ripoffs!” finally the truth and something I can really feel good about purchasing
I think the best part of this type of spam is that my wife gets alot of the same ones. At least they are equal opportunity spam and the glass spam ceiling has finally been broken.

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  • the wife on Jan 26, 2009