WordPress Permalinks on Mac Server

Today in moving one of my blogs I host and administer,, over from one mac server to another, I ran into another of those Apple server issues. It is that problem that I’ve solved over and over but do so rarely, that when it does come up it takes me a while to remember how to fix it. The issue for my new site was that my permalinks stopped working when I moved the site over. I like to use a custom setting of /%category%/%postname%/ for permalinks structure and all my pages were coming up as 404s. I checked my .htaccess file and it was there and set to the right permissions. Then I remembered the default for each new site in Mac server in the conf file for AllowOverride is none. There you have it, I needed to update the conf to allow overrides. Now the next issue. In Mac server, I use Tiger 10.4, the Apache conf files for each domain/site are in a special folder within the httpd folder called sites -> /etc/httpd/sites. So when it comes to editing configs for a site you have to remember this is were to do it and not in the general conf file for apache.¬†After opening up the gardenhelp config file, and changing AllowOverride to All, everything came back to life. Thus if you are using Mac OS X Server and permalinks aren’t working and you think everything is setup right, check your permissions for your .htaccess file and then make sure your conf file for your site is allowing override.

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  • Haywood Frances on Mar 25, 2009