Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Mequoda Haven Platform:

  • meq_confirm_email – custom order confirmation emails
  • meq_downloads – free “reports/guides” marketing
  • meq_fr_online – html versions of above free “reports/guides”
  • meq_products – Product posts for custom Haven ecommerce
  • meq_hc_offers, meq_offer_choice, meq_gift_offers, meq_nc_offers, mq_horz_tc3offer, meq_hc3_offers, mq_horz_h2offer, mq_horz_tc9offer – custom order pages for various Haven Offers and Products
  • premium_article – Premium magazine and/or collection article
  • uc – “user content” posts used to allow clients ability to edit custom data on pages and posts

CabotWeath Network

  • meq_alerts – stock alerts
  • meq_analyst_pubs


  • gp_poems – poem magazine article from magazine issue