WordPress Experience

I’ve always had trouble explaining my WordPress experience fully in a resume or application thus I thought I’d try to document the breath and depth of this experience here. First at a high level and then with more specifics. This is both for those interested in learning more details about my WordPress work and experience as well as for myself to refer to.

At A High Level

  • Filters / Actions
    I’ve used these across WP core, Free and Premium Plugins as well as adding to Custom Proprietary Agency only plugins.
  • Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
    I’ve created multiple Custom Post Types and Taxonomies to create unique content organization and display. This includes content for magazine issues along with custom order pages with unique features.
  • Custom Meta Data
    Just like with custom post types, I’ve setup custom meta for both posts as well as users. This is to support specialized programing for content as well as for users accounts for tracking and subscription
  • Custom WP-Admin pages
  • Reports
  • Custom APIs and 3rd Party Integrations
    • Recurly
    • WhatCounts
    • Twillio
    • SFG Networks
    • Think Subscriptions
    • CDS
    • MailChimp
    • Cybersource
    • Stripe
    • PayPal
  • Data conversions
    • users
    • subscriptions
    • content
    • WP to WP, non WP to WP
    • Multisite to single site
  • Plugins
    • Gravity Forms
    • Advanced Custom Fields
    • Akismet
    • HyperDB
    • Woo Commerce
    • Woo Subscriptions
    • LearnDash LMS
    • W3 Total Cache
  • wp-cli
    • wp db (import/export)
    • wp media (image-size/regenerate)
  • Proprietary plugins (created, updated, fixed, extended, add features)
    • Mequoda
      • Haven Abandon Recovery Collector
      • Haven Advanced Paywall Manager
      • Haven Advanced Republish Mnager
      • Haven AJAX Registration
      • Haven Auto Login
      • Haven CAmpaign Performance Report
      • Haven CMS
      • Haven Engage
      • Haven Entitlement Manager
      • Haven Events
      • Haven Plugin Tracker
      • Hanve Post Data Exporter
      • Haven Previous Next Post link
      • Haven Prospect Onboarde
      • Haven Related Posts by Taxonomy
      • Haven Reports
      • Haven Revive Shortcode
      • Haven Schecule Post Trigger
      • Haven Settings
      • Haven Source Tracking
      • Haven Text Ads
      • Haven Ultra Registration Manager
      • Haven Ultra Subscriber Uploader
      • Haven WhatCounts Framework
      • Haven WhatCounts Sync
      • Mequoda Haven Autotagger
      • Mequoda Haven Label Manager
      • Mequoda Haven Order Manager
      • Mequoda Haven Profile Manager