What you can get me for X-Mas

Since most of the items from my post on what you can get me for my birthday didn’t leave the list, I thought for x-mas, I’d just re-post and make a few additions. Just as with my birthday, year usually around ThanksGiving when the family gets together, I get the question “what do you want for Christmas?” and I always don’t know what to say. Partially because I immediately think of the big things I want or need and have trouble of thinking about smaller items. So again this year I’ve found a few items that seem reasonable for my birthday list, so I thought i’d re-purpose the list again for xmas and add a few things. Here we go… The list will probably change so come back often and it still includes some big things. In no particular order:
  • One of these cool shirts: I particularly like the “Wi-Fi detector shirt” and the “T-Qualizer Shirt
  • An ATHF Mooninites patch. Either both Ignignokt and Err or either one of them alone. I desperately want to cover up my Real logo on my computer bag. I think I have one of these patches but can’t find it.
  • Beer Cozy for my Pabst cans!
  • David Vantage Pro2 Weather station.  check out Ambient Weather and Provantage. You must request a price quote via email – an automatic response is returned with a new link promptly. They are not allowed to post to the public their discounted prices.
  • Been reading more so good books. Nothing too heavy now. I like fast, easy, with short chapters
  • Washington State Liquor Gift Card – more info
  • Home Depot gift cards are nice and help offset house projects
  • I could use some more running shorts. I like the longer style, not the true runner’s shorts. Robin got me some Nikes called NikeFit and they are kind of longish like basketball shorts, but not too long, something above the knee but below the mid thigh. (can you say high maintenance?!) Oh and I like the polyester wicking fabric of course… no cotton. I’m a Medium or 33/34 waist.
  • Running shirts, white or light color, like gray or light blue. I’m a large and again the sweet wicking fabric.
  • My mighty mouse is starting to die. I’ve opened it and cleaned it twice now to prolong it’s life, but now it stutters and pauses every once in a while so I think it’s on it’s last legs. The good news is Apple has a cool new mouse – the Magic Mouse!
  • All-In-One clamp guide accessories. I recently got some great clamps at the Rockler T-Day sale and now it would be nice to have a couple of the accessories for them. Namely the Router Plate and Saw Plate for the clamps. Both can be found here.
  • the winning lottery ticket
  • The new MacBook Pro 15 inch
  • If you are already doing the MacBook, why not go a little further and also get me a Cinema Display
  • The new iphone 3GS. In my birthday list I also asked for 6 months of service, but I think I need the phone more now and I’ll figure out the service fees.
  • New Gas stove and range. One were the vent is attached and popus up from back. We don’t want to have to put a traditional hood in.
  • I think I’ve fixed the leak in the car, so now i just need the new driver’s seat for my CRX
  • Maybe a new “CRX” like a diesel Jetta or Golf/Rabbit
  • Or Maybe just a scooter

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