Training Begins – Week 1

Today is day one of week one of the 12 week training for the Rock ‘N’ Roll 1/2 marathon. Last week I had a buffer, to try and get up to the 3 mile run requirement for the start of the program. So followed the basic pattern for week one of the program, I ran about 3 miles, 3 times last week with my big run on Sunday being a full 3 miles. I went in the morning before it got really nice in Seattle and it was hard, but I got through it more easily then I thought. I think the trick for me is to run in the mornings. Yesterday was really the start of week one, but it is a day of rest. So what did I do… put in a planter box in front of the new fence in back and dug out another section in front of the fence to extend the back patio. What a day of rest?! This morning was the first official training day of week 1, a 3 mile run (Training Program). It was a little colder this morning then compared to Sunday, but I ran the course I laid out for Sunday. It went much better then I thought. I was able to do the 3 miles in 30 minutes which is the pace I’d like to minimally do for the 1/2 marathon. I’d like to hold a 10 minute mile pace and do the 1/2 in like 2 hours 20 minutes or faster. Tomorrow is a 2 mile run so we’ll see how things go. The first run of the week seems to always be the easiest for me with later runs much harder. Things have been going well so far I think partly cuz I’m running in the mornings and I’ve also cracked out my Sansa with Rhapsody-to-go and have been listening to music as I run. That seems to take my mind off the pain or how much longer I have to go.

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