Starting over

It has again been a while since my last post but this week I’ve essentially started over on my running. After hurting my right achilles, several weeks of Dr. mandated rest, I was finally okayed to start back this week very slowly. Today marked my third, as I like to call it, rehab run. The Dr. said start off slow with 2 miles and do more walk then run and then a day off and no hills. So Sunday I started with 1.5 mile walk with a 1/2 mile light run on the flat parts only. Then ice and rest. Tuesday was my next run and I was able to up the running a little did about 1.25 mile walk with the rest run, but again I walked the hills and only ran flats or down hill. Today I did about a mile running, again all flat and walked the hills. Things are feeling okay and I will slowly up the running each time out. I think if things go well all next week, I’ll start to ease back into a more regular training schedule, but probably will start my training program all over again. Starting with week one and 3 miles.

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