Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Recently my brother and sister-in-law talked to me about running the Seattle Rock’n Roll 1/2 marathon with them. At first I was not interested but some recent events have made me change my mind. So unofficially, I THINK I’m going to give it a shot. We’ll see if I can keep up the training and 13.1 miles is a long way. That’s 2 hours of running! To start I went online looking for a training program and right off found Hal Higdon’s site. I’ve used his programs before so I thought I’d follow it this time. In searching for others on google they all seem to be about the same, only most others are shorter and require you to start by being able to do 5 miles. Hal’s is the right length, 12 weeks, and starts with the 3 miles. The race is June 27th which is just over 13 weeks so this will give me a little time to ramp up to the 3 mile start. Today I actually did 2.5 miles and it was a little hard since I’ve been off for a couple of weeks. A few weeks back I was running about 2.75 a couple of times a week and running that course again today was a little more difficult then usually. I chock it up to my day of rest were I was up at 6am, on a plane at 9:00am, across the state by 10:00am, then a big breakfast, then a funeral, then lots of food and several beers, then back on a plane at 8:30pm, back across the state by 9:30pm and home by 10:15pm. I probably should have drank a bit more water this morning, but live and learn. According to Hal’s sched, tomorrow will be a 2 mile run. Hopefully it won’t be raining and i can do my run and finish up the fence project i’m working on and probably walk the dog in there somewere.

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  • the wife on Apr 02, 2009