Korrio, Inc. Moblie Application

Korrio, Inc. companion mobile application to the main web application.

PhoneGap application using jQuery Mobile and Handlebars with custom REST API based on Tonic.

  • – Allows users to get their direct content to manage their schedules and communicate with teams and members.
  • – Built the initial proof of concept PhoneGap application with jQuery Mobile
  • – Integrated Testflight api for alpha and beta testing and tracking
  • – Manage iOS beta program via Apple and Testflight
  • – Responsible for build and release of iOS version to app store.
  • – Implemented the majority of the schedule screens for the app.
  • – Implemented the help screens for the app
  • – Developed and implemented integration for Google Analytics for tracking of all page views along with event swipe/click tracking
  • – Responsible for continued new feature implementation, maintenance, bug fixes of mobile application along with RESTful API on web application
  • –┬áRecently I completed implementation on the mobile app side as well as REST application side implementation of Push Notifications for both Apple (APNS) as well as Android (GCM).

Client: Korrio, Inc.

Type: Mobile Application

Acquired 2017 by TeamSnap