Ceramic Arts Network

Ceramic Arts Network

Ceramics Monthly magazine
Pottery Making Illustrated magazine

A long time consulting client, Ceramic Arts decided to bring their various sites into one hosted site. We combined 4+ sites into one.

  • – Lead backend developer to setup site for the Mequoda Haven publishing platform.
  • – Implemented Shopp Plugin ecommerce store. Developed custom gateway with SFG payment systems
  • – Integrated existing plugins and code for CeramicRecipes site into new site. Updated for Mequoda Haven platform and fixed existing issues with Recipe search and favorites.
  • – First site/client to migrate for existing SVN to Git. Defined the Gitflow process for site that became basis for conversion of all clients.
  • – Continually building new features, diagnosing and fixing bugs
  • – Migrated site from hosting on Rackspace to AWS
  • – Perform monthly upgrades include WordPress, 3rd Party plugins and Mequoda Haven Platform plugins

Client: Mequoda Systems, LLC

Type: WordPress Website

Link: ceramicartsnetwork.org
(no longer a Mequoda client)