CabotWealth Network

CabotWealth Network.

  • – Built two way REST API plugin to integrate with Recurly. One side was a client to synchronize new orders, cancels and edits to Recurly. The other side was a client to process web hook notifications from Recurly. These include renewals as well as declines and dunning.
  • – Created custom scripts to convert users and subscriptions from existing site to new website. This included migrating credit card information and subscriptions from CyberSource to Recurly. Included creating accounts in WordPress, then connecting those accounts with existing Cybersource accounts imported into Recurly along with setup entitlements for various subscriptions. This included setting up subscriptions in Recurly for auto renewing subscriptions. Conversion accounted for some 100,000 user accounts.
  • – Built custom Customer Service tools in WordPress admin to manage subscriptions on the site as well as Recurly. Included interface to create offline orders paid by check or credit card, cancel, terminate and refund orders along with editing renewal dates in Recurly and entitlement dates in site.
  • – Continually building new features, diagnosing and fixing bugs
  • – Migrated site from hosting on Rackspace to AWS
  • – Perform monthly upgrades include WordPress, 3rd Party plugins and Mequoda Haven Platform plugins

Client: Mequoda Systems, LLC

Type: WordPress Website

(no longer a Mequoda hosted client)