1/2 Marathon Training – Week 1, Day 3

Today is a relatively easy day on the schedule, a 2 mile run. I must say, running in winter is a lot different then summer ;-). After 3 days of what felt like summer, the much cooler and gray run today felt much different. May be it was the weather or maybe it was just the second run, but 2 miles was kind of hard. I got through it and I’m still holding my 10 minute mile pace and did the 2 miles it 20 minutes. It definately felt like the end of summer out there after the last three days felt like summer. Monday I thought it was July and I felt like I was skipping work and was on my first day of vacation… Oh to be so lucky. Tomorrow, back to the 3 mile rule and if I feel up to it, I think I’ll start back with some strength training and do 1/2 the P90X “Chest and Back” workout – some push-ups and pull-ups.

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