1/2 Marathon Training – Week 2 End

I’m a little behind on posts, but it’s not like anyone reads this thing. Today is actually the first run of week 3 and now we up the miles a little for the next two weeks. Sunday was the big run of week 2, 4 miles again, and after a terrible start to the week, it actually ended well. Tuesday’s 3 mile run was just bad, but things got better as Wed 2 mile run was much better and Thurs. 3 mile run was even better. The final run for the week went even better. Again the big 4 miles and with the new Silversun Pickups record on the sansa and excellent weather, I finished actually 1 minute faster (39 minutes) then target with a few walks at the top of some tough hills. Overall better then the end of week 1 as i was able to run the entire course, for the most part, and felt much better at the end then the week before. Week 3 starts the first distance increase with 3.5 miles today, 2 miles on Wed, then 3.5 again Thurs and a big 5 miles for Sunday. Week 4 will be a repeat and hopefully these two weeks will build things up for the next increase in week 5. Only 10 weeks left till the big race. Seems like so far away but I know it will be here quicker then I think.

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