1/2 Marathon Training – Week 2, Day 2

Week two starts off repeating Week 1 and that means a 3 mile run today. Because I had the heater guys coming this morning and appointment downtown for lunch, i did not get a chance to do my run in the morning and instead had to go about 3:30pm today. I don’t know if it was late in the day or the fact i’d already walked the dog about a mile and quarter or that I forgot to wash my workout cloths and had to figure out something else or all the people driving home from work or all the other runners, but this run sucked. I had no energy and struggled most of the way having to stop several times to walk. The one good thing was the clearing skys and bright sunshine… looks like spring might be back in Seattle. Also my time was not that far off only a minute slower then usual. Tomorrow is day three and an easy 2 mile. I’ll have time in the morning to run and the weather should also be nice so hopefully it will be better then today.

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