1/2 Marathon Training – Week 1 End

Today marks the end of the first week of training. Only 11 more to go before the run. Being the end of the week and a Sunday, that means the long run for the week… 4 fraking miles. That is the farthest I’ve run in probably 3 or 4 years, and of course, it was nice and rainy today as well… happy Easter Seattle. I don’t mind running in the rain so much and it’s not the cold or the wet, but it is the problem of not being able to see. My glasses get all wet and then they start to fog up if there is too much rain. I was a little lucky today, as when I started my run, it seemd to be tappering off some and the rain was actually light. I only had to stop a couple of times to clear the water and fog off of them. I think since I was expecting the worse and also knew I had a hot shower and hot crossed buns waiting on my return, the run actually went quite well. 4 miles in 40 minutes and my first mile I think I actually did in under 9 minutes. I also was able to essentially run the entire course including several long hills, with only a couple of stops for the glasses. So with the end of the first week things are going okay. I need to remember to do more stretching after, especially on the off days. With today’s run I’m feeling confident I can do the next couple of weeks of training which makes me feel that will build my endurance so i’ll be able to do the next weeks and so on. Tomorrow starts week 2 off with a day of rest before basically repeating week one – 3 miles, 2 miles, 3 miles and then 4 miles. Then we start to up the distances.