1/2 Marathon Training – Week 3 day 4

Today marks the 4th day of the week or the 3rd run – 3.5 miles. this week has gone well so far. 3.5 miles on tuesday, 2 on wed and 3.5 again today. this run today was a little easier then Tuesday’s and I think I just might be able to do the 5 miles on Sunday. 3 miles is starting to feel like 2 miles now and so it will be interesting to see how Sunday goes. Right now one of the hardest things to do is find a route to take. I’ve been using to map out routes in my neighborhood and it’s amazing how small the neighborhood is. I tihnk to myself, picking a route from here to there has to be serveral miles and actually it’s only 1 or 2. The distances around the hood are actually smaller then I think. I’ve been trying to work in some runs that incorporate greenlake, but i’m not quite there yet… need a little more distance. So i’m either considering doing a loop or I have to just go into area’s I didn’t think I’d have to to get distance. Right now i’m just extending a block down here and there and a block farther but I might have to really expand my routes.

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