How to make a worm bin

01_suppliesThis is a very simple and easy worm bin to build. All you need is 1 sheet of 1/2 inch exterior plywood, two 2x4s, two 2x2s, wood screws, two 3×2 hings and about 4 feet of 1/4 inch rope. It took me about 1/2 a day to get the supplies, cut all the pieces and then assemble it.
02_cut_plywood_in_halfI start by cutting the plywood in half so you end up with two sections that are about 48″ x 48″. When you cut the sheet in half you want to center the saw blade down the middle of your line. This way you end up with two even pieces. They will each be a little shorter then 48″ by about 1/8″.
03_cut_in_thirdsThen I take one of the halves and cut it into 3 equal pieces. These will form the front, back and two sides of the bin.
04_cut_sidesFrom one of the three section, I then cut one in half to form the two sides.