Been a while…

It has been quite a while since my last post, so I thought I’d get back into it. What has happened since my last post… well I guess a lot. On the 1/2 marathon front, I continue to run but it turns out I was too late to register for the Rock’n Roll 1/2 in seattle the end of the month. I had a couple of weeks were I got off schedule but have been back to in now. Last week ended week 6 of the training program but I think i’m actually 1 or two behind. Not a big deal, as I continue to keep the running going. So last week ended with a 5k race. I was going to do the Seattle Fury 5k, but didn’t register soon enough and got up too late the day of the race to make it for registration. So I did my own dog race. Robin, Shiloh and I all went to Greenlake and while they did the inside loop, I did the outside loop. The goal or race was to make it around the outside before the dog made it around the inside. I guess I won cuz I ran about 3/4 of a mile on the inside before running into them.┬áThe week before I did both the outside and inside loops for my big run… 6 miles. It was not too bad as Greenlake course is pretty flat. So today was day two of I guess week 7. This week is a step up in distance 4.5 miles Tues/Thurs, 3 miles on Wed and the big run is 7 miles on Sunday. The easy Wed. run moves to 3 miles from 2 for the rest of the schedule and I must say it felt a lot like the 2 miles of days gone by. Hard to believe 3 miles was the long run. Overall the health has been good. The old issues with the sore knees are gone, but now I have this issue with my calfs. After my 6 mile run around Greenlake, they’ve been very sore, almost feeling like in a permanent cramp. It comes and goes and of course is usually most after my runs. I’ve been stretching them and rubbing Arnica gel on them, but it comes and goes. I guess they are just growing and maybe I worked them too hard on that run. Hopefully this issue will go the way of my sore knees a while back. that’s it for now…

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  • Haywood on Jun 10, 2009

    Finally an update!
    we are doing the Tacoma Narrows Half on 8/1–you should come along.

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