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Zoo Tunes

Today Robin and I had the honor of attending Woodland Park Zoo’s Zoo Tunes concert with Cowboy Junkies and Son Volt. We were offered tickets from a friend, thanks Elise, and jumped on the opportunity to enjoy this crazy summer and some good tunes. Robin packed up a little picnic and off we went. thank god the weather was not as hot as yesterday, but still summer. We waited in the long line, but not for too long as we got in about 45 minutes before the show started. To our surprise, the Cowboy Junkies opened or played first. I thought it would have been the other way. It was good tunes and nice weather and of course great company.
Son Volt

Son Volt at Zoo Tunes Woodland Park Zoo

1/2 Marathon Training Set back

Today half way into my 3 mile run, things were not going well with my right leg. I was getting pain in my calf more then usual and the back of the ankle was really hurting. I actually had to stop and walk the next half back to the house. I iced it when I got home and will do more but it is still uncomfortable to walk some. I”ll have to see how things are tomorrow but I might need to take a short break to hopefully mend. Yesterday’s 4.5 mile run was fine and I had the usual tightness in the calves, but it actually felt much better then it has over the past couple of weeks. I just hope I’m not going to be laid up for many days and get off the schedule.

1/2 Marathon Training – Week 7 End

Week 7 of the training ends with the longest run that I think I’ve ever done. I think I might have done a 6 mile run back in high school the summer I trained with the cross country coach, but defiantly not after until now. But today was I guess my personal best, doing 7 miles in about 66 minutes. Instead of Greenlake loops, I decided to do another new course along the Burke Gilman trail. Ususally I do better if it’s new as I’m not familiar and before I know it I’m done. If i do this run again, it probably will be a little harder. I enjoyed the course very much and would love to take the dog down for part of it for a nice walk, especially along the canal in Fremont area. Also found some good spots to watch the Gasworks 4th fireworks. So might be heading down that way this year. I started on the trail at the Fred Meyers in Ballard and ran through Fremont along the water front park, by Gasworks park and around the top of Lake Union to the edge of the UW and then back. You’d think going from Ballad to the UW would be more then 3.5 miles, but according to Favorite Run Google mapping it’s not. The course was pretty flat and easy and definitely had nice views of the canal and lake. I think I’ll try to plan more long runs along here. Next week, week 8, is basically a repeat of week 7, 4.5 Tues/Thurs., 3 on Wed. but then a step up on the Sunday long run to 8 miles. That should be interesting. I think I’ll do the same run as today and add the extra 1/2 mile into the UW.

What you can get me for my B-day

My birthday is less then a month away and so you probably better start thinking about that great gift you are going to get me. Every year about a week away I get the question “what do you want for you birthday” and I always don’t know what to say. Partially because I immediately think of the big things I want or need and have trouble of thinking about smaller items. Well this year I’ve found a few items that seem reasonable, so I thought i’d get the list out there for everyone. Here we go… The list will probably change so come back often and it still includes some big things. In no particular order:
  • One of these cool shirts: I particularly like the “Wi-Fi detector shirt” and the “T-Qualizer Shirt
  • An ATHF Mooninites patch. Either both Ignignokt and Err or either one of them alone. I desperately want to cover up my Real logo on my computer bag. I think I have one of these patches but can’t find it.
  • A nice but not expensive digital camera that uses SD so I can use it with the item farther down the list ;-). The camera on my phone is okay, but I want to start taking nicer images. I’m talking a little basic one, not one of those full cameras where you can changed the lenses etc.
  • Beer Cozy for my Pabst cans!
  • David Vantage Pro2 Weather station.  check out Ambient Weather and Provantage. You must request a price quote via email – an automatic response is returned with a new link promptly. They are not allowed to post to the public their discounted prices.
  • Been reading more so good books. Nothing too heavy now. I like fast, easy, with short chapters
  • Washington State Liquor Gift Card – more info
  • Home Depot gift cards are nice and help offset house projects
  • I could use some more running shorts. I like the longer style, not the true runner’s shorts. Robin got me some Nikes called NikeFit and they are kind of longish like basketball shorts, but not too long, something above the knee but below the mid thigh. (can you say high maintenance?!) Oh and I like the polyester wicking fabric of course… no cotton. I’m a Medium or 33/34 waist.
  • Along with shorts, I could use some new running socks. I like the short ones that just cover the ankle, not the really short ones ala “bobby socks”. Again, the sweet wicking fabric. I like the ones from The Walking Company. Shoe size 9.5.
  • Running shirts, white or light color, like gray or light blue. I’m a large and again the sweet wicking fabric.
  • the winning lottery ticket
  • The new MacBook Pro 15 inch
  • If you are already doing the MacBook, why not go a little further and also get me a Cinema Display
  • The new iphone 3GS, but if you get me this, you also have to pay for at least 6 months service cuz I can’t afford it right now.
  • New Gas stove and range. One were the vent is attached and popus up from back. We don’t want to have to put a traditional hood in.
  • someone to fix my leak in my CRX before the rains start.
  • New driver’s seat for my CRX
  • Maybe a new “CRX” like a diesel Jetta or Golf/Rabbit
  • Or Maybe just a scooter
  • #1 I guess would be a job, but not starting until like September ;-). Something fun, cool, cutting edge that pays well with good benefits, flexible work schedule, open environment, lets my dog come to work, has perks like free parking and paid cell phones, game room, Macs, little or no commute and something I can retire from after 5 years. Woodworking, Renewable Energy or Computers… something creative where I can build and create be it a software app or fence or electricity.

Been a while…

It has been quite a while since my last post, so I thought I’d get back into it. What has happened since my last post… well I guess a lot. On the 1/2 marathon front, I continue to run but it turns out I was too late to register for the Rock’n Roll 1/2 in seattle the end of the month. I had a couple of weeks were I got off schedule but have been back to in now. Last week ended week 6 of the training program but I think i’m actually 1 or two behind. Not a big deal, as I continue to keep the running going. So last week ended with a 5k race. I was going to do the Seattle Fury 5k, but didn’t register soon enough and got up too late the day of the race to make it for registration. So I did my own dog race. Robin, Shiloh and I all went to Greenlake and while they did the inside loop, I did the outside loop. The goal or race was to make it around the outside before the dog made it around the inside. I guess I won cuz I ran about 3/4 of a mile on the inside before running into them. The week before I did both the outside and inside loops for my big run… 6 miles. It was not too bad as Greenlake course is pretty flat. So today was day two of I guess week 7. This week is a step up in distance 4.5 miles Tues/Thurs, 3 miles on Wed and the big run is 7 miles on Sunday. The easy Wed. run moves to 3 miles from 2 for the rest of the schedule and I must say it felt a lot like the 2 miles of days gone by. Hard to believe 3 miles was the long run. Overall the health has been good. The old issues with the sore knees are gone, but now I have this issue with my calfs. After my 6 mile run around Greenlake, they’ve been very sore, almost feeling like in a permanent cramp. It comes and goes and of course is usually most after my runs. I’ve been stretching them and rubbing Arnica gel on them, but it comes and goes. I guess they are just growing and maybe I worked them too hard on that run. Hopefully this issue will go the way of my sore knees a while back. that’s it for now…

1/2 Marathon Training – Week 3 day 4

Today marks the 4th day of the week or the 3rd run – 3.5 miles. this week has gone well so far. 3.5 miles on tuesday, 2 on wed and 3.5 again today. this run today was a little easier then Tuesday’s and I think I just might be able to do the 5 miles on Sunday. 3 miles is starting to feel like 2 miles now and so it will be interesting to see how Sunday goes. Right now one of the hardest things to do is find a route to take. I’ve been using to map out routes in my neighborhood and it’s amazing how small the neighborhood is. I tihnk to myself, picking a route from here to there has to be serveral miles and actually it’s only 1 or 2. The distances around the hood are actually smaller then I think. I’ve been trying to work in some runs that incorporate greenlake, but i’m not quite there yet… need a little more distance. So i’m either considering doing a loop or I have to just go into area’s I didn’t think I’d have to to get distance. Right now i’m just extending a block down here and there and a block farther but I might have to really expand my routes.

1/2 Marathon Training – Week 2 End

I’m a little behind on posts, but it’s not like anyone reads this thing. Today is actually the first run of week 3 and now we up the miles a little for the next two weeks. Sunday was the big run of week 2, 4 miles again, and after a terrible start to the week, it actually ended well. Tuesday’s 3 mile run was just bad, but things got better as Wed 2 mile run was much better and Thurs. 3 mile run was even better. The final run for the week went even better. Again the big 4 miles and with the new Silversun Pickups record on the sansa and excellent weather, I finished actually 1 minute faster (39 minutes) then target with a few walks at the top of some tough hills. Overall better then the end of week 1 as i was able to run the entire course, for the most part, and felt much better at the end then the week before. Week 3 starts the first distance increase with 3.5 miles today, 2 miles on Wed, then 3.5 again Thurs and a big 5 miles for Sunday. Week 4 will be a repeat and hopefully these two weeks will build things up for the next increase in week 5. Only 10 weeks left till the big race. Seems like so far away but I know it will be here quicker then I think.

1/2 Marathon Training – Week 2, Day 3

Day 3 of week 2… a 2 mile run. After yesterday’s bad run today was much better. Not sure if it was getting back to the mornings or maybe the new mix on the Sansa, but I felt much better and almost back to normal. It was colder this morning and the start was a little hard with the fozen hands… need to look at getting some light gloves. Again, 2 miles in 19 minutes and I felt so good i actually did a little more… probably another quarter to half mile. Tomorrow is back to the 3 miles and well see if it will be as good as today. I’ll again have time in the morning and I think I’ll download the new Silversun Pickups album for my listen pleasure.

1/2 Marathon Training – Week 2, Day 2

Week two starts off repeating Week 1 and that means a 3 mile run today. Because I had the heater guys coming this morning and appointment downtown for lunch, i did not get a chance to do my run in the morning and instead had to go about 3:30pm today. I don’t know if it was late in the day or the fact i’d already walked the dog about a mile and quarter or that I forgot to wash my workout cloths and had to figure out something else or all the people driving home from work or all the other runners, but this run sucked. I had no energy and struggled most of the way having to stop several times to walk. The one good thing was the clearing skys and bright sunshine… looks like spring might be back in Seattle. Also my time was not that far off only a minute slower then usual. Tomorrow is day three and an easy 2 mile. I’ll have time in the morning to run and the weather should also be nice so hopefully it will be better then today.

1/2 Marathon Training – Week 1 End

Today marks the end of the first week of training. Only 11 more to go before the run. Being the end of the week and a Sunday, that means the long run for the week… 4 fraking miles. That is the farthest I’ve run in probably 3 or 4 years, and of course, it was nice and rainy today as well… happy Easter Seattle. I don’t mind running in the rain so much and it’s not the cold or the wet, but it is the problem of not being able to see. My glasses get all wet and then they start to fog up if there is too much rain. I was a little lucky today, as when I started my run, it seemd to be tappering off some and the rain was actually light. I only had to stop a couple of times to clear the water and fog off of them. I think since I was expecting the worse and also knew I had a hot shower and hot crossed buns waiting on my return, the run actually went quite well. 4 miles in 40 minutes and my first mile I think I actually did in under 9 minutes. I also was able to essentially run the entire course including several long hills, with only a couple of stops for the glasses. So with the end of the first week things are going okay. I need to remember to do more stretching after, especially on the off days. With today’s run I’m feeling confident I can do the next couple of weeks of training which makes me feel that will build my endurance so i’ll be able to do the next weeks and so on. Tomorrow starts week 2 off with a day of rest before basically repeating week one – 3 miles, 2 miles, 3 miles and then 4 miles. Then we start to up the distances.