And it begins…

So I’m finally starting a “Blog”. I’ve seen lots of lists of things you need to do before you die and many have in there, start a blog… so I’m starting one. I guess this is a good time to do it. I’ve been thinking about it for some time and since I’m in a transition period in my life (just got laid off) and it is a new year, it just seems like a good time to take the plunge. Who knows, I’ll probably do a couple of posts and then stop, but I’m going to try to keep up on it. I have lots of ideas on what I want to write about.
  • First, I’ve always wanted to document my experiences with technology especially the times when I couldn’t find the answer to a question on the net or only partial answer and had to figure it out myself.
  • I’m also planing a lot of projects this year and this will good place to document them. On the agenda as of today: one maybe two custom built greenhouses, a cold frame, the upstairs remodel (the biggie), couple of weather projects, and a few more top secret ones.
  • I love music so i’ll pass along my ideas on that and favorite bands
  • TV and Movies… so look for some reviews
  • Finally, happenings in my lift as i transition and get older.
I also think, writing on regular basis, will help me become a better writer and overall communicator. I’m sure this first post could use some work and I’ll probably look back one day and laugh at how poorly it is written. I think that is it… A good start I think… I’ve been laboring over making this frist post since I decided to start a blog and set it up on my server. So i got it out… whew… only¬† up from here.

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