Anathallo – new band I discovered

Today I got an update notice on Facebook regarding They had just uploaded a new photo album of shots from some recent in-studio performances. I don’t know if it is me or Facebook or both, but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to view this new photo album. There was no link on the post on the kexp Facebook page, just the info. So I went to the web site and again couldn’t really figure out were the photos were. I suspect that this was a blog post that was automatically pulled into the Facebook page. Well it doesn’t really matter cuz I quickly got distracted by something else on the site. First I thought maybe I could volunteer since I have some time on my hands. Turns out they really don’t have anyting on that front that I was interested in. So after posting a note about some bad text on a page, I noticed the list of podcasts and that is were I discovered Anathallo. The clip for today was the track Cafetorium from their latest album Canopy Glow. After hearing about 30 seconds of that track, I immediately went to, looked them up and popped on my headphones so as not to disturb Robin. I listened to the first couple of tracks and was hooked. Not only were they good, but the band is categorized as just “Alt/Punk” to my relief. So often when I discover a band on kexp or even Rhapsody, they are filed under “Adult Alternative”. Now there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that classification or genre, but it just makes me feel old. There is something about listening to “Adult Alternative” that makes me feel un-cool and in an elevator. I also understand this is a Rhapsody only category and that the rest of the world might consider this genre as just “alternative” or some cool category like college rock or something like that. Maybe my tastes are more “sophisticated” these days, but I think Anathallo deserves a listen. Check them out on Rhapsody at

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