July, 2009

Starting over

It has again been a while since my last post but this week I’ve essentially started over on my running. After hurting my right achilles, several weeks of Dr. mandated rest, I was finally okayed to start back this week very slowly. Today marked my third, as I like to call it, rehab run. The Dr. said start off slow with 2 miles and do more walk then run and then a day off and no hills. So Sunday I started with 1.5 mile walk with a 1/2 mile light run on the flat parts only. Then ice and rest. Tuesday was my next run and I was able to up the running a little did about 1.25 mile walk with the rest run, but again I walked the hills and only ran flats or down hill. Today I did about a mile running, again all flat and walked the hills. Things are feeling okay and I will slowly up the running each time out. I think if things go well all next week, I’ll start to ease back into a more regular training schedule, but probably will start my training program all over again. Starting with week one and 3 miles.

Zoo Tunes

Today Robin and I had the honor of attending Woodland Park Zoo’s Zoo Tunes concert with Cowboy Junkies and Son Volt. We were offered tickets from a friend, thanks Elise, and jumped on the opportunity to enjoy this crazy summer and some good tunes. Robin packed up a little picnic and off we went. thank god the weather was not as hot as yesterday, but still summer. We waited in the long line, but not for too long as we got in about 45 minutes before the show started. To our surprise, the Cowboy Junkies opened or played first. I thought it would have been the other way. It was good tunes and nice weather and of course great company.
Son Volt

Son Volt at Zoo Tunes Woodland Park Zoo