• Experienced web developer with hands-on, demonstrated success in developing web and mobile applications.
  • In-depth knowledge of the WordPress CMS platform, including customization beyond the basic tool.
  • Leverage business and program management background within complex, technology, client-centric environments.
  • Ability to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills within collaborative, technology environments.
  • Excellent communication and cross-team collaboration skills.
  • Seeking a web development role within a small-to-mid-sized company working on new and emerging technology.

Career History


2015 – Present
Mequoda Systems is America’s leading niche magazine consulting firm. They plan, develop and grow content marketing systems for publishers. Mequoda’s Haven System™ enables their clients to dominate their niches using their proprietary strategic, marketing and analytic solution at an affordable price. Their clients routinely use the Mequoda Method to double or even triple their profits in five years or less.

Senior Developer
Remote independent contractor, hired as full stack developer to provide development expertise to improve and expand features and functionality of WordPress based Mequoda’s Haven System™. Contributed to decisions regarding infrastructure, technology, development process and development platforms.




Key Accomplishments:

  • Implement multiple two way REST APIs with payment and fulfillment systems including Recurly, DigitalRiver THINK Subscription, Palm Coast Data, SFG, CDS Global, CyberSource
  • Developed multiple custom WordPress plugins to enhance Mequoda’s Haven System™
  • Multiple large user and content conversions to WordPress from non WordPress as well as exiting WordPress sites.
  • Large ecommerce conversion from CyberSource to Recurly
  • Migrated multiple sites from self hosted Rackspace to AWS


CMS: WordPress and Custom plug-ins to support Mequoda’s Haven System™
Developer Languages & Tools: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, SASS, XHTML, WP-CLI, Memcached, REDIS, Zurb Foundation, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, jQuery UI, GULP, Slack, DeployHQ
APIs: Recurly, THINK Subscription, WhatCounts, SFG, Palm Coast Data, CDS Global, CyberSource, Revive Adserver, SendGrid, Twillio, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Infrastructure – Amazon AWS: EC2, RDS with Master and Slave; REDIS;
Version Control: Git with Bitbucket and DeployHQ; Atlassian Jira; Subversion with Beanstalk;


2009 – 2015
Korrio provides an integrated, online sports automation platform that simplifies team enrollment, planning, scheduling, communications, and life for sports clubs, teams, families, and players.

Senior Developer
Hired as the first non-executive employee at the company to bring the product to market. Partnered with CTO to develop and write features from the ground-up. Contributed to decisions regarding infrastructure, technology, and development platforms.


  • Participate in all aspects of product design and development within a true startup environment.
  • Identify code metrics and perform subsequent system risk and software reliability analysis.
  • Develop applications and features using a variety of development languages (see list below).
  • Perform testing of all new features across browsers, devices, and platforms. Report on bugs and recommended fixes.


  • Gather and translate business requirements in order to set feature and functionality priorities for development projects.
  • Lead the change management process and application features and priorities change during the development process.
  • Liaise with designers on branding guidelines and mockups to create final functional specifications for development.


  • Mentor and train team members on company development practices, cultural and team norms, and on processes.
  • Collaborate with leaders in hiring, training, and leadership grew development team to seven full time developers.
  • Serve as the Lead Developer on many projects including v2 product release, Mobile Application, the upgraded aching initiative, and others.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Worked from the original product design concept to develop the first alpha-beta releases of
  • Implemented the Wunderground weather API for user schedules allowing for a more personalized user experience.
  • Re-architected and streamlined the login and account registration process by breaking down database storage into steps.
  • Implemented the Schedule, Help and Google Analytics portions of hybrid (Cordova) mobile application
  • Implemented the push notification service backend for both APNS and GCM as well as mobile app implementaiton
  • Currently implementing REST API for new native iOS mobile application


CMS: WordPress MU with BuddyPress and Custom plug-ins (15+)
Developer Languages & Tools: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, LESS, XHTML, Memcached, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, Apache Cordova and jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile with following plug-ins: Validation, DataTables, Jeditable, Datepicker, Colorpicker, Treeview
APIs: Wunderground, Google Geocode, SendGrid, Twillio, Salesforce, Chartbeat, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Infrastructure – Amazon AWS: EC2 – Nginx proxies, Ubuntu & Redhat webservers; RDS with Master and Multi Slave; Elasticache (memcached); Manage the DNS for all hosted sites including several multi slot SSL certificates; S3; Opscode Chef; Admin for corporate Google Apps and office network.
Version Control: Subversion; Git with Bitbucket; Atlassian Jira


2009 – 2015
Pixelube is a local design studio, specializing in web design, logo design, mobile design and print design.

Web Technology & Development Consultant
Serve as a technology consultant and web developer to customize CMS WordPress websites including such things as customer mailing list registration, portfolio displays, online order forms, and more.
  • Create XHTML and CSS for the user interface designs and implement into custom WordPress themes.
  • Create custom plugins and functionality for easy content programing for customers


Developer Languages & Tools: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, AJAX, jQuery
CMS: WordPress, CMS Made Simple


2000 – 2008
RealNetworks creates products and services that make it easier for people to access and utilize digital media on personal devices.

Senior Program Manager | Video Services • 2006 – 2008
Managed development, testing, and timeline for the Video Services team, which was responsible for the video product offerings and online consumer services within the Real Guide. Led the re-launch of
Lead Program Manager | Video Services • 2004 – 2006 Served as project manager for all technical aspects of the first-ever online movie download product, Starz Encore.


  • Acted as a liaison between the business, marketing, and development teams to prioritize requirements and bug fixes.
  • Provided technical recommendations for products and services to the product team.
  • Leveraged technology and business background to translate technology issues back to business and marketing teams.


  • Managed the design, implementation, and IT infrastructure for the redesign and re-launch of
  • Managed implementation of Omniture Tracking Tools, Google Analytics and other 3rd party tracking.
  • Designed and implemented custom XHTML templates and code samples with CSS layout and XHTML modules.
  • Defined and managed implementation of server stack including DNS, Apache proxies and Tomcat application servers.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Directed a large-scale end-to-end data source implementation project which took movie and actor information from an outside vendor and integrated the meta data and history to give rich, deep, historical content on the site.
  • Served as the sole technical liaison with Starz Encore to deliver on-time project milestones and issue resolution.

Senior Evangelist & Lead App Engineer | Evangelism & Strategic Relations Group • 2002 – 2004
Applications Engineer | Media Systems Marketing Group • 2000 – 2002 Worked with top-tier customers, partners, and across internal RealNetworks teams to train and evangelize on how to properly encode and deliver video and build multimedia presentations inside the RealPlayer using the SMIL technology.


  • Partnered with outbound marketing and engineering to implement new player functionality.
  • Worked with sales, marketing, and business development to identify the ideal clients for the RealPlayer.
  • Led brainstorming sessions to identify client media needs and wants that could be build using Real’s technologies.


  • Presented to clients and partners on RealNetworks technologies. Translated technical terms into easy-to-understand terms.
  • Created marketing demos that demonstrated release improvements for Real technology and new features / enhancements.
  • Built product prototypes for customers that were subsequently implemented by the development teams.


  • Built a DVD in the RealPlayer using Smile technology, which added significant assets to the product.
  • Successfully managed live streaming events leveraging the Real Broadcast Network in the Media Lab.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Provided high-level technical support and content production for top-tier customers and prospects such as CBS, CNN, Chase, Artisan, Universal, The Ackerly Group, and ABC/Disney.


CMS: WordPress MU with BuddyPress and Custom plug-ins (15+)
Developer Languages & Tools: RealVideo, RealAudio, SMIL, Java, MySQL, Oracle, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML
Integrated APIs: Omniture, Google Analytics
CMS: WordPress, Plone
Version Control: CVS


1998 – 2000
Mirage Marketing was a small company that ran and managed hundreds of subscription based web sites.

Web Services Group Manager
Led the design, development, image creation, and e-commerce development, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript and ASP pages of 35+ websites.


Developer Languages & Tools: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, RealVideo, RealAudio, Flash


BA, Geography: University of California, Santa Barbara
Web Technology Solutions Certificate: University of Washington Extension

Code Samples